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HYUNDAI H-1430 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Instruction manual

Headphone jack

•  For private listening, insert 3.5 mm 

headphone into the stereo headphone jack. 

•  Adjust volume to the appropriate level as 


•  When the stereo headphone jack is 

plugged, speaker will disconnect automatically.

AUX line in jack

You can connect the audio output of an 

external device (such as a CD-player) to this unit, to listen to the sound of that device through the amplifier of this unit.

•  To connect an external audio device (eg. 

MP3 player), please use a standard stereo cable (not included) with 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm plugs to connect the headphone out or audio line-out of the external device to the AUX input socket of this unit.

•  Slide FUNCTION switch to AUX position.•  Turn on the external device.

Radio operation

•  Set the function switch to RADIO position.•  Select your desired broadcasting band by 

setting the band switch to the desired position. AM of FM will be displayed.

•  Rotate TUNING regulator to tune to your 

desired radio station frequency. The radio frequency will be shown on the display.

•  Rotate VOLUME regulator to adjust sound 

volume level.

•  To turn off the radio set the function switch 

to OFF position.


•  For FM reception, adjust the telescopic 

antenna appropriately to obtain the best reception on the band selected.

•  The AM signals are picked up through 

the built-in ferrite antenna. The set should be 

placed to a position for the best reception.

FM/FM stereo reception

•  In particular when stereo signal is weak 

and much noise are received, it is preferable to receive programs in mono mode. Set the band switch to FM ST position to receive radio programs in stereo mode.

•  If the program is received in FM stereo, 

“ST” indicator will light up.

Disc operations

Insertion and removal of discs

•  Pull up the CD compartment door. Place 

a disc into the compartment with the label-side (printed side of disc) facing upwards. Press down in the center part of disc until the disc locks onto the center spindle.

•  When the disc has been placed onto 

the center spindle, gently lower the CD-door downwards until it locks shut. The disc is now ready to be played.

•  When opening the CD-door, always 

ensure the disc is not in motion (not spinning) when you open the CD-door. Always press STOP button to stop the disc spinning first.

•  To remove a disc, follow the same 

procedure as described above, except to remove the disc instead of inserting it into the compartment, by placing one finger at the middle of disc (center spindle) and the other at the edge of the disc and gently pulling upwards.

  Always hold a disc by its edges. Avoid 

getting any fingerprints, smudges or dirt onto the surface of a disc. In case this happens, use a special CD-cleaning cloth or cleaning kit to remove the dirt or smudges.

Important: Please make sure to always fold 

down the handle before opening the CD door.

Compact disc operation

•  Set function switch to CD position.•  Put a disc into the CD compartment and 

close the CD door.

HYUNDAI H-1430 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Instruction manual

•  The display will show the total number of 

tracks after a few seconds.

Play/pause mode

•  Press PLAY/PAUSE button to start 

playback, the display will show the current track number and playback symbol.

•  Press PLAY/PAUSE button to pause at 

any track when playing, playback symbol on the display flashes. Press this button again to resume playback.

•  To stop playback, press STOP button. The 

display will show the total number of tracks on the disc.

Skip and search mode

•  Press 

 SKIP/SEARCH button once 

to skip to the next track. Press and hold this button to search for a particular point at high speed forward. Release the button to resume normal playback.

•  Press 

 SKIP/SEARCH button once to 

skip back to previous track. Press and hold this button to search for a particular point at high speed backward. Release the button resume normal playback.

•  If you use an MP3 disc containing folders, 

you can select a folder. In stop mode, press repeatedly FOLDER button. The number of the current folder will be displayed. After you selected a folder you can select tracks in the current folder as described above.

Repeat mode

•  Press MODE button once for single track 

repeat playing. REP will be displayed.

•  If you use an MP3 disc containing folders, 

press this button again to repeat all tracks in the current folder. The track number and folder number will be shown every few seconds alternatively.

•  Press MODE button again for all track 

repeat playing.

•  Press MODE button again for all track 

random playing. RANDOM will be displayed.

•  To cancel repeat or random playback, 

press MODE button again.

Program mode

Up to 20 tracks can be programmed for disc 

play in any order or the same track can be repeated up to 20 times.

•  Before use, be sure to stop the CD by 

pressing STOP button.

•  Press PROGRAM button. The display will 

show “P01” and “PROGRAM”. This indicates that the set is now in memory programming mode, at the first memory position.

•  If you use an MP3 disc, press FOLDER 

button to select a folder.

•  Select a desired track by using 



 SKIP/SEARCH buttons.

•  Press PROGRAM button again to confirm. 

The set will advance to next memory position, the display will show “P02”. Repeat two steps described above to enter additional memories into the program if necessary.

•  After a maximum of 20 songs (or less) 

have been selected as described above, press PLAY/PAUSE button to start playing the programmed tracks.

•  The “PROGRAM” symbol will remain on 

to indicate that you have saved a program-memory (sequence).

•  The program memory will be cleared when 

you press STOP button twice, open the disc compartment door or turn off the disc player or power supply.

  Good quality sound is guaranteed only 

when playing licensed MP3 discs.

USB/SD/MMC-card playback

•  This unit is equipped with a USB socket 

that can accept and play MP3 files stored on standard USB flash (compatible with USB version 2.0) up to 4 Gb.

•  This unit is also equipped with an SD/

MMC card socket that can accept and play MP3 files stored on standard SD cards up to 32 Gb.

•  To use USB drives/SD/MMC cards for 

MP3 playback, slide the function switch to CD position. Insert the USB drive or SD/MMC card into the appropriate socket and repeatedly press CD/SD/USB button until the display

HYUNDAI H-1430 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Instruction manual

Instruction manual

Back view

1. Band switch3. TUNING regulator3. BASS BOOST switch




4. Function switch5. VOLUME regulator6. Power cord socket

Important safeguards


•  Attention: The owner’s manual contains 

important operating and maintenance instructions. For your safety, it is necessary to refer to the manual.

•  Dangerous voltage: Uninsulated 

dangerous voltage that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electrical shock to persons is present within this product enclosure.

•  Caution: To reduce the risk of electric 

shock, do not dismantle the body. Prefer servicing to qualified service personnel. Do not use the unit in places where it can be exposed to water, moisture and dust. Make sure that pins or other foreign objects do not get inside the unit; they may cause malfunctions, or create safety hazards such as electrical shock.

Power supply


Battery operation

•  Open the battery compartment cover.•  Insert 8 x UM-2 “C” size batteries. Please 

observe correct battery polarities or the set will not work.

•  Close the battery compartment cover. 

AC operation

•  Before the first connecting of the appliance 

check that voltage indicated on the rating label corresponds the mains voltage in your home.

•  Plug the corresponding end of cord into 

the AC socket on the rear of the set.

•  Insert the plug into power supply.


•  When the set is only used with AC or is 

not used for 2 weeks or more, please remove the batteries, to avoid damage to the set from leakage of batteries. 

•  Always switch off the unit when not in use.•  Always unplug the appliance from power 

supply, when no use long time.

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