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Instruction manual

General operations

Power on/off

When the unit is connected to the current 

supply mains, slide POWER switch to ON position to switch the power on. To switch the power off, slide POWER switch to OFF position.

Clock and calendar

•  In clock mode (no ALARM indication) 

press and hold SET button to enable time setting mode. Press repeatedly SET button to go to setting of parameters in following sequence: minute => hour => 12/24-hour => year => month => date. The selected parameter will blink meaning readiness for adjustment. The default time setting is 01-01, 2009, THU, 12-hour, AM12:00.

•  Press VOL+ button to adjust the parameter 

up. Press VOL- to adjust the parameter down.

•  Day of week will be set automatically.•  In time setting mode, if no button is pressed 

within 30 seconds after a parameter is selected, the unit will automatically go to clock mode.

•  In time setting mode, press MODE button 

to return to clock mode.


The unit is equipped with a built-in 

termometer. The current temperature is updated every 30 seconds and is shown on the display. In clock mode press VOL- button to select Celsius or Fahrenheit termometer mode.

AUX input

To connect an external audio device (eg. 

MP3-player), please use a standard stereo cable with 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm plugs to connect the audio line-out of the external device to the AUX input socket of this unit.


Press LIGHT button on the unit to switch on/

off the display backlight. When the backlight is off, pressing any button will enable the backlight for 10 seconds.

Radio operation

•  Radio reception is only available when the 

unit is powered by the rechargeable battery.

•  In clock mode press RADIO button to 

switch the FM radio on.

•  For FM reception extend the telescopic 


•  To adjust the frequency step by step 

press repeatedly 


 buttons. For automatic 

search of a station, press and hold 



button; the unit will look for the next available station and start its broadcast. Repeat the operation to search more stations.

•  To save a station, press and hold SET 

button. The memory position will blink. Press VOL+/VOL- buttons to select a memory position. Press SET button to save the current station under the selected number. You can maximum 20 stations in the memory. 

  During program saving, if no button is 

pressed within several seconds, the unit will return to normal radio mode.

•  To call a saved station, press SET button, 

then press VOL+/VOL- buttons.

•  To adjust volume, in radio mode press 

repeatedly VOL+/VOL- buttons.

•  To switch off the radio, press MODE button.

USB/SD/MMC operation

Connecting USB/SD/MMC

•  Insert a USB device into the USB port or 

insert a memory card into the memory card slot. Press   button to enable USB/SD/MMC mode. The unit will start reading the device, LOAD will be displayed. Press and hold   button to select between USB or SD/MMC mode, if both devices are inserted (USB is played by default). If no device is detected, NO CARD will be dislpayed.

•  When the device and tracks on it are 

detected, the display shows the total number of tracks, currently playing track number, playback time, equalizer mode and other playback

HYUNDAI H-1625 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Instruction manual

Instruction manual

Power supply


Battery power

•  The built-in battery used for the unit power 

supply is rechargeable. The battery must be fully charged before the first use. The first charging time should be about 14…16 hours. It will reach its optimal performance after fully charged and discharged for a few times.

•  To ensure the battery in optimal state, 

it is recommended to discharge the battery fully once each month at least by using up the power so as to switch off the unit.

•  In course of charging, it is normal to find 

the battery and the unit warm up slightly. The unit can automatically self-protect so as to suit for the temperature.

  Actual time of usage for the battery 

varies according to operation mode.

Procedure for battery charging

•  Connect the adapter to a power supply 

socket, and insert the charging plug into the Power input of the unit.

•  The unit will start charging after well 

connected. The power indicator will light up in red.

•  When fully charged, the course of charging 

stops automatically. Now the adaptor can be unplugged from the unit.

  To ensure safety, neither change the 

parts and fitments of the battery by yourself nor unwrap the battery. We suggest you use only the battery and the adapter supplied with the unit, so as not to do the damage to the unit.

Additional power

There are 2 batteries AG13 (1.5 V) in the 

terminal inside the battery compartment. This is additional power intended for operation of clock, alarm, calendar, termometer and countdown timer. Without the additional power the time and alarm settings will not be stored if the unit is switched off.

Remote controller










1.    button2.  SET button3.  MODE button4.  RADIO button5.  SNZ button (corresponds to SNOOZE button on the unit)6.  ALM button (corresponds to ALARM button on the unit)7.  VOL+/VOL- buttons8.  


 buttons (correspond to 



buttons on the unit)

Important safeguards


•  The instruction manual contains important 

operating and maintenance instructions. For your safety, it is necessary to refer the manual. Keep the manual for use in future.

•  Do not hit or drop the unit.•  Do not expose the unit to vibration, direct 

sunlight, too high or low temperature or humidity.

•  Do not disassemble the unit yourself. 

Refer servicing to qualified service personnel.

•  When the battery is exhausted, it should 

be removed from the set to prevent leakage.

HYUNDAI H-1625 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Instruction manual


FM frequency range

65 - 108 MHz

Supported storages


Lithium-ion battery

3.7 V / 1200 mA

Adaptor input power

220 V ~ 50 Hz / 0.2 A

Adaptor output power

DC 5 V / 500 mA

Nominal power consumption

2.5 W

Nominal voltage (clock)

3 V (1.5 V x 2 batteries AG13)

Net/Gross weight

0.59 kg/0.67 kg

Unit dimensions

118 mm x 98 mm x 122 mm

Specifications and functions are subject to change without notice. It is connected with continual 

improvement of the device.

Maintenance and care

If necessary, clean the unit with a piece of 

cloth dampened with water only (be sure the power cord is disconnected). The unit shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the unit. Normal ventilation of the unit shall not be impeded for intended use.





1 pc

AC/DC power adaptor 


1 pc

AG13 (1.5 V) battery 


2 pcs

Remote controller with battery CR2025  1 pcAudio cable 3.5-3.5 mm 


1 pc

Instruction manual   


1 pc

Warranty card 



1 pc

Consumer information 


1 pc

for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes the alarm sound will go on again.

•  When the alarm signal is on, press any 

button (except SNOOZE) to switch off the alarm sound completely.

  Snooze function is only available if Bibi 

sound is selected for alarm signal.

Sleep timer

•  In USB/SD/MMC mode or Radio mode 

press ALARM button to enable sleep timer setting mode. The time figures will blink. The default sleep time is 30 minutes.

•  Press repeatedly VOL+/VOL- buttons 

to set the time after which the unit will automatically switch off. Each pressing decreases/increases the time by 10 minutes. 10 minutes as minimum and 3 hours as maximum can be set. After you set the sleep time, press ALARM button to confirm. The sleep time countdown will start.

  If you select radio as alarm signal 

sound, sleep timer for radio mode is set automatically for 30 minutes.

HYUNDAI H-1625 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Instruction manual

information. If no tracks are found in the storage device, NO SONG will be displayed.

Playback operations

•  During playback press   button to pause 

playback. Press this button again to resume playback.

•  During playback press 


 buttons to 

go to previous or next track.

•  To adjust volume, press repeatedly VOL+/

VOL- buttons.

•  During playback press SET button, then 

press VOL+/VOL- buttons to select equalizer mode: Normal - Classic - Bass - Live - Rock. The mode will be displayed blinking. Press SET button, then press VOL+/VOL- buttons to select playback mode: All - Shuffle - Repeat One - Repeat All. Press SET button to confirm.

  During play mode selection, if no button 

is pressed within several seconds, the unit will return to normal playback mode.

•  When all tracks are played or pause mode 

is enabled, the unit will go to clock mode after 30 seconds if no buttons are pressed.

•  In playback mode, press MODE button 

switch off the player and go to clock mode. If afterward you press   button, the unit will resume playing the last played track. 

General USB/SD/MMC notes

•  This unit is equipped with a USB socket 

that can accept and play MP3 files stored on standard USB flash (compatible with USB version 2.0) up to 32 Gb.

•  This unit is also equipped with an SD/

MMC card socket that can accept and play MP3 files stored on standard SD/MMC cards up to 16 Gb.

  Always switch off the unit or change 

mode to another one before removing a USB flash drive or SD/MMC card, to prevent damage to your USB device or memory card.

Note: Although this product is fully 

compatible with USB 2.0 and SD/MMC card standard formats, a small percentage of USB flash drives and SD/MMC cards might not be readable, due to those device manufacturers’ 

non-compliance with the full (official) USB and SD/MMC card standards.

•  FAT32 file system is supported by USB 

and SD/MMC of this unit.

Alarm operation

Setting the alarm

•  In clock mode press MODE button; the 

word ALARM and bell icon will be displayed. The alarm is in OFF state and on AM12:00 by default. Press ALARM button to switch on/off the alarm.

•  Press and hold SET button, then press 

repeatedly SET button to go to setting of parameters in following sequence: alarm minute => alarm hour => alarm sound (MP3/FM/Bibi). The selected parameter will blink meaning readiness for adjustment.

•  Press VOL+ button to adjust the parameter 

up. Press VOL- to adjust the parameter down.

•  In alarm time setting mode, if no button is 

pressed within 30 seconds after a parameter is selected, the unit will automatically return to clock mode.

•  In alarm time setting mode, press MODE 

button to return to clock mode.

Radio/MP3 as alarm

•  To use radio as alarm sound, enable radio 

mode, select a station, then press and hold ALARM button. AL SET will be displayed.

•  To use MP3 as alarm sound, connect a 

USB or memory card, then enable USB/SD/MMC mode. Press 


 buttons to select a 

track, then press and hold ALARM button. AL SET will be displayed.

  When select MP3 as alarm sound, the 

alarm sound will change to Bibi automatically if the current mode is USB/SD/MMC or Radio, if USB/SD/MMC device is not detected or if the external power supply is disconnected.

Alarm switch off and Snooze

•  When the alarm signal is on, press 

SNOOZE button to interrupt the alarm signal

HYUNDAI H-MW1625 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Radio interference

· Operation of the microwave oven can cause interference to your radio, TV or similar equipment.

· When there is interference, it may be reduced or eliminated by taking the following measures:-  clean door and sealing surface of the oven.-  reorient the receiving antenna of radio or television.-  relocate the microwave oven with respect to the receiver.-  move the microwave oven away from the receiver.-  plug the microwave oven into a different outlet so that microwave oven and receiver are on different branch circuits.


· Make sure that all the packing materials are removed from the inside of the door.

· Check the oven for any damage, such as misaligned or bent door, damaged door seals and sealing surface, broken or loose door hinges and latches and

dents inside the cavity or on the door. If there is any damage, do not operate the oven and contact qualified service personnel.

· This microwave oven must be placed on a flat, stable surface to hold its weight and the heaviest food likely to be cooked in the oven.

· Do not place the oven where heat, moisture or high humidity are generated, or near combustible materials.

· For correct operation, the oven must have sufficient airflow. Keep the oven at least 8cm away from both side walls and 10cm away from rear wall to

ensure the correct ventilation.

· Do not remove rotation shaft from glass tray.· Close supervision is necessary when it is used near children.

HYUNDAI H-MW1625 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Important safeguards

WARNING: To reduce the risk of burns, electric shock, fire, injury to persons or excessive microwave energy:· Read all instructions before using microwave oven.

· The microwave oven is for household use only.

· Some products such as whole eggs and sealed containers (for example, close glass jars and sealed baby bottles with teat) may explode and should not be

heated in microwave oven.

· Use this microwave oven only for its intended use as described in this manual.

· As with any appliance close supervision is necessary, when used by children.

· Do not operate this microwave oven, if is not working properly or if it has been damaged or dropped.· To reduce the risk of fire in the oven cavity:-

Do not overcook food. Carefully attend microwave oven if paper, plastic or other combustible materials are placed inside the oven to facilitate cooking.


Remove wire twist-ties from bags before placing bag in oven.


If materials inside the oven should ignite, keep oven door closed, turn oven off at the wall switch or shut off power at the fuse of circuit breaker panel.

· Listed bellow are as will appliances, certain rules to follow and safeguards to assure top performance from this oven:

· Always have the glass tray, roller arms, coupling and roller track in place when operating the oven.

· Do not use the oven for any reason other than food preparation, such as for drying clothes, paper or any other nonfood items or for sterilizing purposes.

· Do not operate the oven when empty. This could damage the oven cavity for any type of storage, such as papers, cookbooks.

· Do not use the oven for home canning. Microwave ovens are not designed to permit proper canning. Improperly canned food may spoil and be dangerous

to consumer.

· Do not cook eggs in the shell, as they will burst. Puncture eggs yolks, egg white before cooking to prevent  explosion , occasionally a poached egg may

burst during cooking. Be sure to cook covered and let stand one minute after cooking before removing the cover.

· Do not cook any food surrounded by a membrane, such as egg yolks, potatoes, chicken livers, etc: without first piercing several times with a fork.

· Do not insert any object into the openings on the outer case.

· Do not at any time remove parts from the oven such as the feet, coupling, screws, etc.· Do not cook foods directly on the glass tray. Place food in/on proper cooking utensil before placing in the oven.

· Cookware not to use in your microwave oven:-

Do not use metal pans or dishes with metal handles.


Do not use anything with metal trim.


Do not use paper covered with twist   ties on plastic bags.


Do not use melamine dishes as they contain a material, which will absorb microwave energy. This way cause the dishes to crack or char and will slowdown the cooking speed.


Do not use burnable container such as paper, wooden, bamboo willow container.


Do not use Centura Tableware. The glaze is not suitable for microwave use. Corelle living ware closed handle cups should not be used.


Do not cook in a container with a restricted opening, such as a soft drink bottle or salad oil bottle, as they may explode if heating in a microwave oven.

HYUNDAI H-MW1625 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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§ Press 

  button to start cooking with two stages.


§ Auto function cooking can t be set as one of the 2 stages cooking.§ Defrost can be set as the first stage cooking only.

Express cooking

· With express cooking program, the oven cook with high power.

· Press directly the 

 button one time to add one minute to cook instantly.

· For example,  you can set  3 minutes in express cooking function:



 button for three times


Press the 


Russian oven  function

· The following food doesn t require to set up time and power .

· If food is not ready, cook it another several minutes of instant cooking.

Auto menu

-1  -2  -3  -4  -5  -6  -7  -8


Reheat  Rice Vegetable 

Chicken  Meat








140g  100g  100g  400g  100g 

50g  1 




210g  150g  200g  600g  200g  100g 2 




280g 200g 300g 800g 300g 150g


350g 250g 400g 1000g 400g  200g



500g 1200g 500g



600g 1500g 750g

-2: Rice cooking operation:











· Press 

 repeatedly, select menu kinds which displays as the cooking guide on the surface panel

· By press 

 button you can select different weight

· Press 


 flashes  which means cooking beginning.

· For example, input the automatic cooking program for 1000g of chicken:

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