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HYUNDAI H-AS1203u инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Instruction manual

position to switch the power on; the unit will go into standby mode. Press STBY/MODE button on the panel or STANDBY button on the RC to switch the unit from standby mode; the backlight on the front panel will light up. To turn the unit to standby mode press and hold STBY/MODE button on the panel or press STANDBY button on the RC. To switch the power off, slide POWER switch to OFF position.

Clock setting

•  In standby mode press CLOCK button 

on the RC or press and hold SLEEP/CLOCK button on the panel to enable time setting mode. Hour digits will blink; press repeatedly 


 buttons to set hours. Press CLOCK 

button on the RC or SLEEP/CLOCK button on the panel again; minute hours will blink. Press repeatedly 


 buttons to set minutes. Press 

CLOCK button on the RC or SLEEP/CLOCK button on the panel to confirm the time.

•  In time setting mode, if no button is pressed 

within 5 seconds, the unit will automatically go to clock mode.

AUX input

You can connect the audio output of an 

external device to this unit, to listen to the sound of that device through the speakers of this unit.

•  To connect an external audio device, 

please use a standard audio cable with 3.5-mm-to-3.5 mm plugs to connect the headphone out or audio line-out of the external device to the AUX input socket of this unit.

•  Press repeatedly MODE button on the RC 

or STBY/MODE button on the panel to select LINE mode; LINE will be displayed.

•  Turn on the external device. You cannot 

control playback with the buttons of this unit except adjusting the volume.


Press VOL+/ALARM2 and VOL-/ALARM1 

buttons on the panel or +/- buttons on the RC to adjust the sound volume level. Press MUTE button on the RC to mute the sound, press this button again to resume the sound.


Press EQ button repeatedly to select an 

equalizer mode: ROCK/CLASS/FLAT/POP/JAZZ.


Press MODE button on the RC or STBY/

MODE button on the panel repeatedly to select an operation mode: external audio device from the line input (LINE) => FM radio => USB => SD. USB and SD modes are available only if corresponding storage is connected.

Display backlight

Press DIMMER button on the RC repeatedly 

to change the display backlight brightness level or switch off the backlight. When the backlight is switched off, you can activate it for several seconds by pressing any button; it will go off again after several seconds.

Radio operation

•  Press MODE button on the RC or STBY/

MODE button on the panel repeatedly to select radio mode.

•  For FM reception extend the wire antenna.•  To adjust the frequency step by step 

press repeatedly 


 buttons. For automatic 

search of a station, press and hold 


 button; the unit will look for the next 

available station and start its broadcast. Repeat the operation to search more stations. Press SELECT/SCAN button on the RC to automatically search available stations.

•  To save a station, press PRESET button 

on the RC or press and hold  /PRESET button on the panel. The memory position will blink. Press P+/P- buttons to select a memory position. Press PRESET ( /PRESET) button again to save the current station under the selected number. You can maximum 20 stations in the memory. 

  To input a position number for saving 

or a stored station number you can also press

HYUNDAI H-AS1203u инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Instruction manual


FM frequency range

87.5 - 108 MHz

Supported storages



LED (0.6' symbol height)

Nominal voltage

220 V, 50/60 Hz

Nominal power consumption

27 W

Speaker output power

5 W x 2

Subwoofer output power

11 W

Net/Gross weight

2.5 kg/2.6 kg

Unit dimensions

200 mm x 163 mm x 195 mm

Specifications and functions are subject to change without notice. It is connected with continual 

improvement of the device.

(120 minutes by default). Press this button repeatedly to select the sleep time period. The unit will automatically go to standby mode when the sleep time period elapses.

Maintenance and care

If necessary, clean the unit with a piece of 

cloth dampened with water only (be sure the power cord is disconnected). The unit shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the unit. Normal ventilation of the unit shall not be impeded for intended use.


Audio system 



1 pc

Audio cable 3.5-3.5 mm 


1 pc

Instruction manual   


1 pc

Warranty card 



1 pc

Consumer information 


1 pc

is set as alarm sound but no USB/SD is connected, the alarm sound is buzzer by default.

•  The alarm will sound for 60 minutes, the 

alarm icon flashes during this period. To stop the alarm, press STBY/MODE button on the panel or STANDBY button on the RC.

•  When the alarm is sounding, press 

SNOOZE button on the RC. The alarm will interrupt and resume the signal after 5 minutes.

Alarm 2

In standby mode press WAKE UP TIME 

button on the RC or VOL+/ALARM2 button on the panel; the last set alarm time will be displayed. Press and hold this button to enter the 2nd alarm setting mode. All the other operations fully correspond to operations described in Paragraph “Alarm 1” above.

Sleep timer

•  In USB, SD or radio mode press SLEEP 

button on the RC or SLEEP/CLOCK button on the panel to enable sleep timer setting mode. The display will show the sleep time

HYUNDAI H-AS1203u инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Instruction manual

number buttons on the RC (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 buttons for corresponding numbers and SHIFT+1, SHIFT+2, SHIFT+3, SHIFT+4, SHIFT+5 to input 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 correspondingly).

•  To call a saved station, press P+/P- buttons.

USB/SD operation

Connecting USB/SD

•  Insert a USB device into the USB port or 

insert a memory card into the memory card slot. The unit will switch to USB or SD mode automatically. The unit will start reading the device, LOAD will be displayed.

•  When the device and tracks on it are 

detected, the display shows the currently playing track number, track playback time and operation mode in turn.

Playback operations

•  During playback press   button on the RC 

or  /PRESET button on the panel to pause playback. Press this button again to resume playback.

•  During playback press 


 buttons to 

go to previous or next track.

•  During playback press SHUFFLE button 

to enable random playback of tracks. Press REPEAT button for repeated playback of one or all tracks.

General USB/SD notes

•  This unit is equipped with a USB socket 

that can accept and play MP3 files stored on standard USB flash (compatible with USB version 2.0) up to 8 Gb.

•  This unit is also equipped with an SDcard 

socket that can accept and play MP3 files stored on standard SD cards up to 8 Gb.

  Always switch off the unit or change 

mode to another one before removing a USB flash drive or SD card, to prevent damage to your USB device or memory card.

Note: Although this product is fully 

compatible with USB 2.0 and SD card standard 

formats, a small percentage of USB flash drives and SD cards might not be readable, due to those device manufacturers’ non-compliance with the full (official) USB and SD card standards.

•  FAT32 file system is supported by USB 

and SD of this unit.

  According to the USB 1.1/2.0 Standard, 

usage of a USB device with power current consumption exceeding 500 mA is not recommended without supplementary power supply. Failure to use supplementary power for connected USB drives with power consumption exceeding this value as well as defective USB drives may cause mechanical or thermal changes of elements of this unit as well as failure of internal elements of the USB port. Such damages are not warrantee cases.

Warning: use of external USB drives 

containing BIN files in root directory may cause malfunction of unit or damage to the software.

Alarm operation

Alarm 1

•  In standby mode press BED TIME button 

on the RC or VOL-/ALARM1 button on the panel; the last set alarm time will be displayed. Press and hold this button to enter the 1st alarm setting mode. Hour digits will blink. Press repeatedly 


 buttons to set hours. Press 

BED TIME (VOL-/ALARM1) button again; minute hours will blink. Press repeatedly 



buttons to set minutes. Press BED TIME (VOL-/ALARM1) button to confirm the alarm time.

•  Press repeatedly BED TIME (VOL-/

ALARM1) button to select the alarm sound in turn: buzzer => radio => USB => SD. The icon of the selected alarm mode will be marked with a blue light indicator.

•  If radio is set as alarm sound, the last 

listened frequency will be played when the alarm time comes. If USB/SD is set as alarm sound, the last listened track will be played when the alarm time comes. If USB or SD

HYUNDAI H-AS1203u инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Instruction manual

Utilization of the product


If you want to dispose this product, do not 

mix it with general household waste. There is a separate collection system for used electronic products in accordance with legislation that requires proper treatment, recovery and recycling.

Please contact your local authorities for 

the correct method of disposal. By doing so, you will ensure that your disposed product undergoes the necessary treatment, recovery and recycling and thus prevent potential negative effects on the environment and human health.

Important safeguards


•  The instruction manual contains important 

operating and maintenance instructions. For your safety, it is necessary to refer the manual. Keep the manual for use in future.

•  Do not hit or drop the unit.•  Do not expose the unit to vibration, direct 

sunlight, too high or low temperature or humidity.

•  Do not disassemble the unit yourself. 

Refer servicing to qualified service personnel.

Power supply


•  Before the first connecting of the appliance 

check that voltage indicated on the rating label corresponds the mains voltage in your home.

•  Insert the plug into power supply.Caution: Always unplug the appliance from 

power supply, when no use long time.

General operations

Power on/off

When the unit is connected to the current 

supply mains, slide POWER switch to ON 

Remote controller












1. SLEEP button2. STANDBY button3. MODE button4. DIMMER button5. The button is not operable for this model6. The button is not operable for this model7.   button8. 



9. The button is not operable for this model10. P+/P- buttons11. RESET button12. Number buttons13. CLOCK button14. SNOOZE button15. BED TIME button16. WAKE UP TIME button17. SELECT/SCAN button18. EQ button19. SHUFFLE button20. REPEAT button21. +/- buttons22. SHIFT button23. MUTE button


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