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HYUNDAI H-CMD2009G инструкция онлайн просмотр

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1. Touch to enable navigation mode.2. Touch to go to color setting menu.3. Touch to go to auto setting of channels.4. Touch to go to manual setting menu.5. Touch to switch channels.6. Touch to quit the TV mode.

•  To access the TV mode menu, press 

MODE button on front panel or RC to select TV mode or touch TV icon on main menu screen to enter TV mode. Then touch the center of the display to call the TV interface. To select a menu page (Auto Setting or Manual Setting) touch these items on the screen. Press cursor buttons on the RC or touch the needed item on the screen to select and adjust a parameter. Touch BACK item on the screen to return to last settings list.

AUTO PROGRAM•  System: select TV system (SECAM/PAL/


•  Audio: select sound system (Audio1/


•  Search: select to start automatical search 

and storing of TV channels.

MANUAL PROGRAM•  Storage: select the storage number of the 


•  System: select TV system (SECAM/PAL).•  Audio: select sound system (Audio1/


•  Channel: Select the number of the 


•  Fine: perform fine tuning of picture quality.•  Memory: select on (memorize the found 

channel) or off (not memorize).

AV-IN mode

Connect an external audio/video signal 

source to this unit. Select AV-IN mode in the main menu or by pressing repeatedly MODE button. Following interface will be displayed:




1. Touch to enable navigation mode.2. Touch to go to color setting menu.3. Touch to quit AV-IN mode.

  Do not connect AV inputs on the rear 

panel at the same time with the AV input on the front panel. Interference of the signals can damage the unit.

Disc/USB/SD/MMC operations

USB/SD/MMC notes

USB format supports 1.1. Capacity: up to 8 


For correct and satisfactory operation, 

licensed SD/MMC memory cards of famous brands should be used with this unit. Avoid using memory cards of unknown brands. Capacity: up to 8 Gb.

Insert/Eject disc

•  Insert a disc into the disc slot with label 

side up. The disc will be automatically loaded into the unit. The first file in the root folder will be played.

•  Press EJECT button to eject the disc from 

the slot. If the disc is not removed from the slot within several seconds, it will be automatically loaded into the slot again. When the disc is ejected and removed, the unit will automatically switch to another mode.

Inserting an SD/MMC card/USB device

Open the front panel and insert an SD/

MMC memory card into the card slot. Open the

HYUNDAI H-CMD2009G инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Intro playback

Press INT button on the RC to activate 

introduction function. Several initial seconds of each track will be played. Press the button again to cancel intro playback.


Press and hold AUDIO/GOTO button to 

show the playback parameters for the current chapter/track/time (track/title/chapter number or time). Press cursor buttons to navigate between the parameters and use number buttons to input needed settings. Press ENTER button on the RC to start playback from the set number or time.

Random playback

Press BND/RDM button on the RC to 

activate random playing mode. Press one more time to return to normal playing.

OSD setting (for DVD)

Press OSD button to display the current 

playback information.

Zooming in/out

During playback of video or images on disc/

USB/SD/MMC, press and hold repeatedly A-B/ZOOM button on the RC, the picture will be zoomed in the sequence: Zoom2 => Zoom3 => Zoom4 => Zoom1/2 => Zoom1/3 => Zoom1/4 => Normal.

PBC (Playback Control) 

(for VCD only)

This function is only available for the VCD 

with PBC function.

Press and hold  /PBC button on the RC to 

set PBC on/off; when PBC is off, the screen will show PBC menu if you switch PBC on. If the menu consists of a list of titles, you can select a desired one using number buttons on the RC.

Changing angle

 (for DVD only)

Press ANGLE button on the RC to playback 

images at different camera angles. If a disc doesn’t support multi-angle playback, this 

function will not work.

Selecting audio language 

(for DVD only)

During DVD playback, press AUDIO/GOTO 

button on the RC repeatedly to select the audio language to listen. This function will not work if a disc does not support multi-language audio.

Selecting subtitle language 

(for DVD)

If your DVD disc supports multi-language 

subtitle, press SUB-T button on the RC repeatedly to switch among disc-supported languages.

Selecting sound channel 

(for VCD only)

During VCD disc playback press AUDIO/

GOTO button on the RC to select the channel: Mono L => Mono R => Stereo.

Menu navigation

 (for DVD only)

Press and hold MENU button on the RC to 

activate the disc menu list on the screen. Choose the desired item. Press ENTER button or 


button on the RC or touch corresponding button on the screen to confirm the selected item and start playing.

  Title and menu are only available if the 

disc has these functions.

ID3 Tag function

If a MP3 file has ID3 tag information in the 

supported ID3 format, such information will be displayed on the LCD while playback.

HYUNDAI H-CMD2009G инструкция онлайн просмотр

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General information

General information


Below is a table describing simple measures that can help you eliminate most problems likely 

to emerge when this unit is in use. If below measures do not help, turn to a service center or to the nearest dealer.




No power

The car ignition is not on.

If the power supply is properly connected 

to the car accessory switch the ignition 

key to “ACC”.

The fuse is blown.

Replace the fuse.

No sound

Volume is in minimum.

Adjust volume to a desired level.

Wiring is not properly 


Check wiring connection.

Bad sound quality The installation angle is more 

than 35 degrees.

Adjust the installation angle to less than 

35 degrees.

The disc is extremely dirty or 


Clean the compact disc/try to play a new 


Disc cannot be 

loaded or ejected

The unit already contains a 


Remove the disc in the player then put a 

new one.

Moisture condensation.

Leave the unit idle for an hour, then retry.

Disc cannot be 


The disc is inserted upside 


Insert the compact disc with the label 

side facing upward.

Compact disc is extremely 

dirty or defective.

Clean the disc or try to play a new one.

Temperature inside the car is 

too high.

Cool off until the ambient temperature 

returns to normal.

Buttons do not 


The built-in microcomputer is 

not operating properly.

Reset the unit with the help of RESET 


Front panel is not properly fix 

into its place.

Install the front panel properly.

The radio does 

not work

The antenna cable is not 


Insert the antenna cable properly.

The radio station automatic tuning does not work

The signals are too weak.

Select stations manually.

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