Specifications Hyundai, model H-CMD4008 (2010). Hyundai h cmd4008

h-cmd4008 - Hyundai

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h-cmd4008 - Hyundai

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Kullanım kılavuzu Hyundai H-CMD4008 Car Video System - İndir Hyundai H-CMD4008 Car Video System Kullanım kılavuzu

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Dear customer!Thank you for purchasing our product. For safety, it is strongly recommended to read this manual carefullybefore connecting, operating and/or adjusting the product and keep the manual for reference in the future.Table of contentsTable of contents............................................................................................................................................. 2Important safeguards ............................................................................

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Important safeguards••••••••••••Using the device at temperature below -10ºС may cause the breakage of the device. BEFORE USINGPLEASE HEAT UP THE PASSENGER COMPARTMENT TO THE RECOMMENDEDTEMPERATURE!Read carefully through this manual to familiarize yourself with this high-quality sound system.Disconnect the vehicle's negative battery terminal while mounting and connecting the unit.When replacing the fuse, be sure to use one with an identical amperage rating. Using a fuse

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Installation/ connectionThis unit can be installed in any dashboard having an opening as shown on the picture.The dashboard should be ~ 4.5 – 5.5 mm thick in order to be able to support the unit.First complete the electrical connections, and then check them for correctness.Installation opening1.2.3.4.Insert the unit holder into the dashboard.Select the appropriate tabs and bend them the tabs 90 degrees to securethe holder in place.Secure the rear of the unit. Fix the rear of the unit to the ca

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Electrical connectionCaution: Do not interchange the connection of the wiring!!!For some car models you may need to modify wiring of the supplied power cord. Contact your authorized cardealer before installing this unit.5

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ControlsFront panel1. buttonPress it to turn on the unit, press and hold more than 1 second to turn off.In setup menu, press it when you want to come back to the previous menu.MODE buttonPress the MODE button to select the mode: RADIO => DISC => USB => SD => AUX.VOL knob/MENU buttonRotate VOL knob clockwise to increase the volume level; rotate anticlockwise to decrease the volumelevel.Press the button to display the menu: AUDIO => PICTURE => EXPERT => TIME ADJ => DEFAULT.IR SENSO

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6.AF buttonIn Radio mode press AF button to activate the AF function.7. TFT DISPLAY8. AMS/RPT buttonIn Radio mode long press the AMS/RPT button, the stations will good reception are stored automatically tothe preset channel, short press to scan the preset station.In playback mode press the AMS/RPT button to start repeat playing, press the button again to repeat thewhole disc. Press the third time to cancel repeat function.9. BND/PLAY/PAUSE buttonIn Radio mode press the BND/PLAY/PAUSE button to s

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15. AUX input16. MUTE buttonPress it to cut down the volume output, press it again to resume volume.17. USB slotInner panel18. SD/MMC slot19. Disc loading slot20. EJECT buttonPress it to eject the disc.21. RESET buttonPress the RESET button to set theunit with a ball-point pen or otherpointed object to initial status.8

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Remote control1.2.POWER button - press to turn on/ off the unit.MODE button – press it to select the mode: RADIO => DISC=> USB => SD => AUX.3. DISP button – in DVD mode press it to display Title Elapsed=> Title Remain => Chapter Elapsed => Chapter Remain =>Display OFF.In VCD/ CD mode: Single => Elapsed => Single Remain =>Total Elapsed => Total Remain => Display Off.4. EQ button – press to select the corresponding equalizer presetmodes to adjust the sound quality.5. SETUP button – in play

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12. RPT/ SEEK- button - - in playback mode, press to select the repeat mode.In radio mode, press to scan stations downwards.13. (0-9) number buttons – press to select track, chapter or preset stations.In radio mode, press the 7 (TA)/ 8 (AF)/ 9 (PTY) button to select TA/ AF/ PTY function.14. VOL-/ VOL+ buttons – press them to adjust volume level.15. BACK button – press to come back last operation.16. MUTE button - press it to cut down the volume output, press it again to resume volume.17. S

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Changing the battery1.2.Press the catch and at the same time pull out the battery tray.Insert the 1 x lithium battery, type CR 2025 3V battery with the stamped (+) markfacing upward. Insert the battery tray into the remote control.Warning: Store the battery where children cannot reach. If a child accidentally swallows the battery, consult adoctor immediately.Do not recharge, short, disassemble or heat the battery or dispose it in a fire.Do not expose or bring into contact the battery with other

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General operationsReset the unitOperating the unit for the first time or after replacing the car battery, you must reset the unit.Press the REL button to remove the detachable front panel. Using a ball-point pen or other pointed object, pressthe RESET button to complete the initialization procedure.Power on/offPress the PWR/BACK button on the panel or the POWER button on the RC to turn the unit on. Press it for along time on the panel or press shortly on the RC to turn the unit off.Note: After t

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EQ functionPress the EQ button to enter the EQ menu. Rotate the VOL button to change the tone effect: FLAT =>CLASSIC => POP => ROCK => JAZZ => OFF.OR please refer to SETTING THE AUDIO AND VIDEO CHARACTERISTICS title of this Instructionmanual.Note: The factory default setting is OFF.Setting the audio and video characteristics•••••Press shortly and repeatedly the MENU button (VOL knob) on the panel or press the MENU button on theRC to enter the sound and video characteristics menu.Rotate

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EQ: FLAT => CLASSIC => POP => ROCK => JAZZ => OFF.BALANCE: L=> R.FADER: R=> F.For Picture submenu (adjustment is available in DVD mode only):BRIGHTNESS, CONTRAST, COLOR, HUE: 0 … 63.For Expert submenu:DX/LOC: DX => LOC.ST/MONO: ST => MONO.WOOFER: ON => OFF.BEEP: ON => OFF.LOUD: ON => OFF.For Time adjustment submenu:TIME DISP: ON => OFF.TIME FMT: 12AM => 24.HOUR: 0 … 23.MINUTE: 0 … 59.• Wait for 2 seconds or press the ENTER button, the setting will be saved automatically.Note:• If turni

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Adjusting the timePlease refer to SETTING THE AUDIO AND VIDEO CHARACTERISTICS title of this Instruction manual.Using the digit buttonsTo insert any number use the digit buttons.To insert the 2-digit number use the digital buttons in sequence. For example, to insert number 14 press 1 => 4.Information on the displayIn DVD mode press the DISP button on the RC to display: GO TO => SELECT.In VCD/ CD mode press the DISP button on the RC to display: Single => Elapsed => Single Remain => TotalElapsed =>

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Digital tuner operationsNote: RDS (Radio Data System) service availability varies with areas. Please understand if RDS service is notavailable in your area, the following service is not available, either.Band selectionPress the BAND / P/N button on the RC or BND / PLAY/PAUSE button on the panel to select a band: FM1,FM2, FM3, AM. Display will show the wave band, frequency.Automatic/ Manual tuningAutomatic tuning: Press the / button on the RC to start auto searching the station.Manual tuning: P

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Preset scan functionPress the AMS/RPT button on the panel or press the PROG/AMS button on the RC to scan all preset stations inthe memory of the current band and stay on each memory stations for about 5 seconds. To stop preset scan,press this button again.Auto memory store functionPress the AMS/RPT button on the panel and hold for 2 seconds to enter auto store mode. The radio willautomatically store the 6 strongest available stations to the 6 preset memories of the current band. To stop autostor

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AF: Alternative frequencies – frequency list of broadcasting station transmitting the same program.AF functionPress the AF button on the panel briefly to switch on/ off mode. Symbol “AF” will appear on the display.Note: The tuner will return to Alternative Frequencies whenever the reception signals getting worse.“Alarm” will be displayed when an emergency broadcasting is received. Meanwhile sound output level will beadjusted to the preset output level automatically when the volume cont

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Disc operationsDisc glossaryPBC (PlayBack Control)PBC is a menu recorded on the disc with SVCD or VCD2.0 format. For the discs contained PBC, it canplayback interactive software with the menu displayed on TV. And if the disc contains still images, it canplayback high definition of still image.TitleThe title is the important part of DVD disc. The memory volume of the disc is rather big, that makes possible torecord several films on one disc. For example, if a disc contains three films, they may b

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Discs for playback••••••••••••This unit can play disc types: CD/DVD/DVD±R/±RW/CD-R/-RW/VCD.Compatible with formats: DVD-video/SVCD/VCD/HDCD/MP3/MP4/WMA/JPEG/DivX/MPEG4.The following file types are supported:Audio files: MP3 (*.mp3)WMA (*.wma)Video files: MP4 (*.avi, DIVX3.11/4.0/5.0/6.0 and XVID)MPEG 2(*.vob)MPEG 1(*.dat)Picture file: JPEG (*.jpg)ISO 9660 or ISO 9660 +Joliet format - Max. 30 charactersMax. Track number is 448Max. nested directory is 8 levelsThe max. alb


Hyundai H-CMD4008 (2010) Features

General characteristics

For more information



Supported formats





The maximum power
4x50 watts 8
Interface CD changer
no 0
Tone control
Yes 10
ID3 tag support
Yes 10
Yes 10
Dimensions (WxHxD)
178x50x160 mm
The number of equalizer presets
4 33
The number of bits of the DAC
24 100
Russian menu
Yes 10
composite video, USB
The audio input on the front panel
Yes 10
Support Bluetooth
no 0
Connection ISO
Yes 10
audio PreAmp subwoofer, composite video
Support rear view camera
Yes 10
there is, digital tuner
CD player
Yes 10
MP3 player
Yes 10
DVD player
Yes 10
no 0
Yes 10
Yes 10
TV tuner
no 0
CD-Audio, DVD-Video, MP3, MPEG4, WMA, JPEG
Memory card support
Display type
Diagonal display
3 inch 30
Display format
The size of the display
480 x 234 pixels 0
Infrared remote
Yes 10
The joystick on the steering wheel
no 0
Pause when talking on the phone
Yes 10
Auto search stations
Yes 10
Search for folders/files
Yes 10
Detachable panel
Yes 10
Support ranges
Tuner with distant reception
Yes 10
The number of preset FM/AM
18 / 6 50
Support RDS
Total points
Rank in Category


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