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HYUNDAI H-CMDN6100 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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1. Disc/File type indicator (not operable)2. File list. Touch the needed file to start its 


3. Track area – touch to call digit keyboard. 

Touch digit buttons to input the number of a track to be played

4. List scroll buttons5. PLAY/PAUSE button6. STOP button7. CARD/USB indicator (not operable)8. PREVIOUS button9. SEL button. Touch repeatedly to select a 

sound parameter to be adjusted

10. NEXT button11. +/- buttons. Touch to decrease/increase 


12. Touch to go to DVD setup menu13. Mode selection


  Manufacturer guarantees regular 

playback of licensed discs only. Some AVI files cannot be played due to their parameters and recording conditions. Video files more than 2 Gb having AVI extension can be played partially.

Insert/eject USB/Memory card

Connect a USB drive to the USB connector 

of this unit. It will automatically switch to USB mode and start to read the contents of the USB. To eject the USB drive from this unit, switch to another mode and disconnect the USB from the USB wire connector.

To connect a memory card to this unit, open 

the front panel and insert the memory card into the slot. Close the front panel. The unit will automatically switch to SD mode and start to read the contents of the memory card. To eject the memory card, switch the unit to another mode, then open the front panel and push the card until it pops out.


  USB capacity supported: up to 4 Gb.

For correct and satisfactory operation, 

licensed SD/MMC memory cards of famous brands should be used with this unit. Avoid using memory cards of unknown brands. Capacity: up to 4 Gb.

Selecting tracks

For DVD/MP3: Press 


 buttons to skip 

to the previous or next chapter.

For VCD/CD: Press 

 button to skip to the 

beginning of the current chapter. Press and hold 

 button to skip to the previous chapter. 


 button to skip to the next chapter.

Pause/Stop the playback

Press   button on the RC to switch between 

play and pause.

Press   button on the RC to stop playback. 

If you press   button or ENTER button, playback will be resume from the same place (not available for CD/MP3). Press   button twice to stop playback completely. Stop point will not be memorized, and playback can be resumed only from the beginning.

Fast rewind/forward



 buttons on the RC to perform 

fast rewind or fast forward. With each press playback speed will increase as follows: 2X => 4X => 8X => 16X => Normal.

Repeat playing

Press repeatedly RPT button on the RC to 

perform repeat playback as follows:

For DVD: Chapter repeat => Title repeat => 

Repeat Off.

For VCD/MP4/CD/MP3: Track repeat => 

Repeat Off.

Random playback

During playback, press RDM button to enable 

random playback of chapters/tracks. Press the button again to return to normal playback.

System switch

During playback, press repeatedly P/N 

button on the RC to set the TV system to PAL or NTSC or AUTO.

Slow playback

Press repeatedly 

 button on the RC for 

slow forward or backward playback in the

HYUNDAI H-CMDN6100 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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following order:

For DVD: 1/2 forward => 1/4 forward => 1/8 

forward => 1/2 backward => 1/4 backward => 1/8 backward => Normal.

For VCD: 1/2 forward => 1/4 forward => 1/8 

forward => Normal.

Picture zooming

Press ZOOM button on the RC repeatedly 

to increase the picture scale in the following order: 2X => 3X => 4X => Normal.

On-screen display

Press repeatedly OSD button on the RC 

to display various information on the current playback (including elapsed/remained time of title/chapter/track) depending on the type of the disc being used.

Playback setting

For DVD: Press GOTO button to access the 

menu of various playback parameters (title/chapter/audio/ subtitle/angle/title time/chapter time/repeat/time display) depending on the type of the disc being used. Press UP/DOWN cursor buttons to select a parameter press ENTER button to set the status. Then press number buttons or LEFT/RIGHT cursor buttons to set the current status. Press GOTO button to exit.

For VCD/CD: Press GOTO button to display 

“Disc Go To:--:--”. Use number buttons to input disc time for the playback to start from. Press GOTO button again to display “Track Go to:--:--”. Use number buttons to input track time for the playback to start from.

For MP3: Press GOTO button to display 

“---”. Use number buttons to input track number to be played. Press GOTO button again to display “--:--”. Use number buttons to input track time for the playback to start from.

Viewing angle

Press PTY/ANGLE button repeatedly to 

switch among viewing angles during playback. This function is only available for DVD-discs recorded with various view angles.

Audio language

Press ST/AUDIO button repeatedly to switch 

between available audio languages (for DVD) or audio channels (for VCD) during playback.

Subtitle language

Press repeatedly LOC/SUB-T button during 

playback to switch between subtitle languages. This function is only valid with DVDs featuring multi-subtitle recordings.

Playback programming

Press PROG button to display the program 

menu. Then press number buttons to input numbers of tracks/chapter (depending on the disc type) in the order you need. To select next menu page move the cursor to 


press ENTER button. To select previous menu page move the cursor to 

 and press ENTER 

button. Move the cursor to START and press ENTER button to start program playback. Move the cursor to EXIT and press ENTER button to quit the program menu.

ID3 Tag function

If a MP3 file has ID3 tag information in the 

supported ID3 format, such information will be displayed on the LCD while playback.

MENU function (for DVD)

1. Press AMS/MENU button to enter the root 

menu, all of the chapters will appear on the TFT. You can press ENTER button or number buttons to select your desired chapter.

2. Press BAND/TITLE button to enter the 

title menu, all of the titles will appear on the TFT. You can press ENTER button or number buttons to select your desired title.

DVD setup

1. Press SETUP button on the RC to enter 

the setup menu.

2. Use LEFT/RIGHT cursor buttons to 

choose the setup page: General page, Dolby

HYUNDAI H-CMDN6100 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Audio adjustSource adjustSystem adjust

Radio operations

User interface of Radio modeBand selectionManual/automatic tuningLocal/distant selectorSelecting stored stationMono/Stereo selectorScanning/memorizing stations automati-


On-screen displayGoto FREQRDS backgroundRDS touchable user interfaceAF (Alternative frequencies) functionTA (Traffic alarm) functionProgram type

TV tuner operations

TV touch screen menuTV channel selectionFrequency searchingSeek channels automatically

AUX operationsDisc/USB/SD/MMC operations

Insert/eject discTouch screen operations with DVD/VCD/

MP4 discs

Touch screen operations with CD/MP3/


Insert/eject USB/Memory cardSelecting tracksPause/Stop the playbackFast rewind/forwardRepeat playingRandom playbackSystem switchSlow playback



Table of contents

Table of contents

Dear customer!

Thank you for purchasing our product. For safety, it is strongly recommended to read 

this manual carefully before connecting, operating and/or adjusting the product and keep the manual for reference in the future.





Table of contents Before you start Utilization of the product Important safeguardsInstallation/ConnectionInstallation

General notesMethod I: DIN-front mountingMethod II: using the screw filesDetach the unit


Connection diagramUsing the ISO ConnectorISO connection tableParking wire connectionReverse driving cable connectionLamp in wire

OperationControl elements

Front panelInner panelRemote controllerChanging the battery

General operations

Touch screenReset the unitTurning the unit on/offOpen the monitorAngle settingNight modeVolume controlSetting the sound characteristicsMute functionEqualizer settingLoudnessMode selectionClear

System setup

Video adjust



HYUNDAI H-CMDN6100 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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the unit. NAVI mode is optional and it can also be selected by pressing and holding NAVI/SEL button on the front panel (available only after you insert a navigation memory card into the corresponding slot on the inner panel).


After inputting false data, press CLEAR 

button to clear it.


System setup

When the unit is on, the Main menu will be 


Press SETUP button on the RC or touch SET 

item on the monitor to enter the System setup menu. System setup menu includes VIDEO, AUDIO, SOURCE and SYSTEM items. Touch them on the monitor to set the desired status.

Video adjust

In this menu you can adjust Contrast, Color, 

Tint, Bright, Picture (sharpness). Touch the corresponding item, then touch 



buttons on the screen to adjust the selected parameter. After adjustment is performed, leave the unit idle for several seconds. To save the adjustment, touch SAVE item. To reset the adjustment, touch RESET item. To exit from the menu touch EXIT item.

Audio adjust

In this menu you can adjust VOLUME, 

BALANCE, FAD (fader), SUBWOOF (subwoofer), BASS, TREBLE. Touch the corresponding item, then touch 



buttons on the screen to adjust the selected parameter. After adjustment is performed, leave the unit idle for several seconds. To exit from the menu touch EXIT item.

Source adjust

In this menu you can set AUX, TV, BT, SD, 

NAVI (option) or USB to ON or OFF. Touch the corresponding item to set. If a mode was set OFF, that function is not available. BT mode is not functional in this unit.

System adjust

In this menu you can adjust a number of 

general system operation parameters. Touch an item on the screen to get the option menu, and then select the needed option by touching it on the screen. Touch arrow buttons at the right side of the screen to display the next or previous menu page.

•  Clock System: Set 12-hour or 24-hour 

clock display mode.

•  Key Beep: Select ON or OFF, the default 

setting is ON. It means when you press the buttons, they are sounded.

•  Monitor Flex: not adjustable.•  Rever Pola (Reverse Polarity): The signal 

is +12V when you back a car, please touch BATTERY on the monitor; if the signal is 0 V, please touch GROUND.

•  Lamp Sel: In this menu you can adjust 

backlight of front panel buttons, press it and select ON or OFF, the default setting is ON.

•  AMS Fullup: In this menu you can set the 

modes of AMS. When the setup is ON, the presettable stations are full, new one’s are not allowed. When you select OFF, it will search continually.

•  Local Area: You can select EUROPE, USA 

or OIRT, to search the stations quickly in your current area.

•  Local: In this menu you can search local 

stations. When selected ON, the strong signal local stations can be received; when selected

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