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HYUNDAI H-HV6-10-UI614 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Electric convector


8. Always disconnect unit from the electric plug when not in use.

9. Device is equipped with a standard plug grounding prong. The plug must fit standard European 

wall socket. If the plug does not fit in outlet or included tight, turn it vertically 180 degrees and 

repeat try. If after that you can not easily insert the plug into the outlet, call electrician to replace 

the outlet. Never use the appliance if the plug is inserted into outlet is not until the end.

10. Never connect the appliance to the plug, if the surface is wet.

11. Never use the device in a situation where it may come into contact with water.

12. When the unit is operating, do not touch the surface and the surface of the control block with 

wet hands and any body parts.

13. Do not switch on the unit if the power cord or plug are damaged. To avoid the risk of electric 

shock, damaged power cord must be changed only at authorized service centers.

14. Never try to repair the unit yourself. This can cause damage to your health and affect the 

warranty of the device.

15. Convector should not be used in open spaces or outdoors.

16. Forbidden to install and use the device in bathrooms, showers or pools, in those places where 

there is a risk of direct contact with the jets and drops of water on the surface.

17. Do not route the power cord under carpets or pieces of furniture. 

18. Never pull the cord and do not unplug the plug abruptly.

19. Do not insert your fingers and not put any objects in air outlet or air inlet as it may cause elec-

tric shock or damage to the convector.

20. To prevent a possible fire, do not block air inlet and outlet. Do not hang or dry things on the 

convector. Use convector on a level surface only.

21. Do not use the convector in areas of use or storage of gasoline, paint or other flammable 


22. Use convector only as described in this manual. Any other use not recommended by the man-

ufacturer and may cause fire, electric shock or injury to persons.

23. Do not attempt to clean the convector when plugged into an outlet. Not allow convector im-

merse in water. Never pull the power cord.

24. To avoid overheating and the risk of fire and damage internal electrical network, do not change 

the length of the power cord and do not connect device through an electrical extenders. However, 

you can use an extension if its parameters correspond to the performance of the device and if it is 

not used by other power consumers.

25. For normal operation of the device power voltage level must be sufficient, and its technical 

parameters must be in strict accordance with technical data given on the unit. If necessary, ask 

network provider for characteristics of their electricity.

26. Install and operate the appliance in upright position. Prohibited to operate the device in a 

horizontal or inclined positions.

27. The device must be installed so that the panel could not be available for a person who is direct-

ly in the bathroom (in contact with water) or take a shower.

28. Do not install the unit directly under the wall outlet or allow the hot air from the outlet touch 

power cord. This can cause them to overheat , creating an emergency situation.

29. The device is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, senso-

ry or mental capabilities, with insufficient experience and knowledge, unless they are under super-

vision and have not received instructions on the use of appliance by a person responsible for their 

safety. Necessary to make sure that children do not play with convector.


•  Please read all the instruction manual before use and save it for future references. 

•  Before first switching on check that the voltage indicated on the rating label corresponds with 

the mains voltage in your home. 

•  For home use only. Do not use for industrial purposes. Use the appliance only for its intended 


HYUNDAI H-HV6-10-UI614 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Electric convector



1. Convector is designed for connection to the plug with single-phase на 220-240~V, 50Hz.2. Before connecting, make sure that the voltage is correct as specified on the nameplate with the technical data of the device.3. Convector when connected to the plug must comply with applicable electrical codes.4. Electric outlet must be properly grounded. The receptacle must be rated for at least 10A. Electrical plug and socket must always be kept dry to prevent electrical leakage. Regularly check that the electrical plug is firmly connected to the outlet. Verification is performed in the following order: Insert the mains plug into the socket. After half an hour, turn off the convector and unplug the power cord, check with the hand , whether the plug is not heated.If the plug is heated to a temperature above 50 °C, in order to avoid damage, accidents, fire, due to poor electrical contact replace the socket with help of a specialist.


1. Uncover the original packaging and carefully remove device from it.2. Remove any foam seals on the edges of the device and release it from polyethylene.3. Determine the location for the convector in compliance with the minimum distance from the object and the floor.4. Mark the height at which you must install the convector and put labels in visible fixing holes.5. Drill holes in the wall of the required diameter, insert the dowels*, tighten the set screws*.6. Attach the mounting brackets to the cover of the unit with the mounting screws.7. Perform installation on the wall convector, setting the screws installed in the wall brackets with the holes that are installed on the device.8. Check the installation. Convector should fit snugly against the wall.

* May not be included in delivery set

Installing castors on the convector

1. Remove the two support legs from the packaging of the convector. 2. Turn the unit so that its bottom was in easy access. 3.  Attach  the  support  legs  to  the  bottom  of  the  device  to  the  left  and  right  sides  so  that  the fastening holes align with the holes on the fixture. 4. Tighten the screws in the existing holes.

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HYUNDAI H-HV6-10-UI614 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Electric convector




See “Rules for safe operation and installation of electric convector”

In the process of using an electric convector on the intake, outlet grill or on the device may appear dust or other contamination. To preserve the health and appearance of the device must be reg-ularly cleaned from dust and dirt. Before cleaning the external surfaces of the electric convector, disconnect the appliance from the mains and allow it to cool completely. Clean the outside of the appliance with a damp, soft cloth and then wipe dry and allow the device to dry completely. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents. Do not damage the appliance with a sharp object, as scratches on painted surfaces can cause rust.


Possible causes


Electric convector is connect-

ed to the mains, switch handle 

Mode is set to heating but con-

vector  does not work.

•  No power. 

•  Violated contacts in the wir-

ing diagram of the circuit. 

•  Defective switch modes

•  Check whether the power 

supply is disconnected from 

the device and, if necessary, 

post power to the appliance. 

•  Restore reliable connection 


•  Refer to a specialist repair 

service center Hyundai.

Electric convector is connect-

ed to the mains, switch handle 

modes of operation is set to 

the heating, but the heating is 

not going on.

•  The thermostat is set to tem-

perature lower than in the room. 

•  Temperature limiter parted 

electrical  circuit  and  shut  off the heating elements. 

•  Defective switch modes. •  Defective power relay. •  Faulty thermostat. •  Defective heating element. •  Faulty temperature limiter.

•  Set the thermostat to a 

higher temperature heat the 

room, turning the thermostat 

knob clockwise. 

•  Ensure that the air inlet or 

outlet grill is not blocked by 

foreign objects and wait for 

the inclusion of the tempera-

ture limiter, after the body of 

the device to cool. 

•  Refer to a specialist repair 

service center Hyundai.

HYUNDAI H-HV6-10-UI614 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Electric convector


Display and button

1.  Display: LED display, Use Number to show the to use symbols to show other status.

2.  Button: the product with 4 single buttons a button:          /        /        /       /         +        for            

Lock/          +          screen fade out

3.          Button: Power on, the product would be Press Power button for standby, Low, Middle, 

hig setting.

4.            Button: set timer5.            Button: set the temperature and time in6.            Button: set the temperature and time d

Temperature setting function

Temperature  setting  range  5  ℃  ~  35  ℃ default is temperature setting time,       lights, LED number is 1Hz, after set the temperature 3 seconds no more keep the temperature setting, LED number stop fla temperature 1℃ over the setting temperature, it when sensor temperature 1℃ below the setting to start heating.

Press        or         button to enter temperature setting function, it will show default or last time setting temperature, user can set the required temperature by pressing          and         button.

Timer setting function

Under standby status, user can set the boot time, under the power on (power is set) status, user can set the shut down time.

Boot time setting:

When the product is under stand-by status, Symbol         flashes press timer button, the product would be in boot time mode, symbol           flashes,         lights, LED shows the number (which was set last time press       or       set time from 1 to 24h, 3s no more operation, the product works with setting time, symbol         on, if set timer to be 0,it means cancel the timer, timer symbol             off. Then user se power and required temperature.

Shut down time setting:

When the product is under on status, Symbol         lights, press timer button, the product would be in shut down time mode,        lights, L shows the number (which was set last time), press         or

        set time from 1 to 24h, 3s no more operation, the product works with setting time, symbol

        stop flashing, if set timer to be 0,it means can the timer, Then user set power and required temperature. Timer function would be invalid under Smart mode.

Lock function:

Press       /       together 3s, Lock function starts, (        lights on) the screen flashes, 3s later to be former status, when the lock function works, user press any other buttons, it will not working. Remove Lock function (         lights off): press         /         together 3s, Lock function stops working.

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