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Electrical instant water heater




Always observe the safety rules, when using the water heater. Improper operation due to igno-rance of these rules may result in personal injury to the user or other people, as well as damage to their property. The manufacturer is not responsible for inflicted personal injuries and property damages as a result of improper installation and operation of the appliance.

Safety of children and people with physical disability

• The water heater is not designed for use by people (including children) with physical, sensory, 

or mental disability having insufficient experience and knowledge, if they are not supervised or instructed on use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

• Any electrical appliance shall be supervised during its operation, especially if there are chil-

dren close by.

• Carefully watch that children do not touch the appliance or use it as a game element.• Do not allow children to use the water heater without supervision by adults.

General safety rules

• Never leave the energized water heater unattended.• Always switch off the water heater after use.• Never change the design of the water heater or modify it.• Never use the water heater, if it is faulty.• Do not use the water heater in explosive or corrosive environment. Do not store gasoline and 

other volatile highly inflammable liquids near the appliance.

• Do not use the water heater for purposes not specified in this instruction manual.• Never splash water onto the heater or irrigate it.• Any service operations shall be performed by a specialized organization, by qualified special-


Installation/connection safety and precautions

• Installation of the water heater in the operation place and arrangement of a power supply 

line shall be performed by a specialized organization, representatives of the manufacturer’s service department, or specialists having permits for installation of electrical equipment with observations of the safety requirements.

• If the installation/operation instruction manual of the water heater is violated, the appliance 

is not subject to warranty service and the manufacturer does not bear the responsibility.

• Do not install the water heater in a room, where ambient temperature may drop below 0°C• Never install the water heater outdoors.• Before installation and connection of the water heater, check and make sure that there is a 

grounding loop in your electrical mains. If there is no grounding loop in your electrical mains, operation of the water heater is life-threatening.

 • Connect the water heater to 220 VAC / 50 Hz mains only. If necessary, clarify specifications of 

your electrical mains from the electrical energy suppliers.

• Never connect the water heater to the electrical mains using a male plug, except for H-IWR1-

3P series. Never use any electrical extension cords.

• Cross section of the electrical cable used for connection to the electrical mains shall meet 

rated current of the water heater.

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Electrical instant water heater


Electrical instant water heater







     Stock number interpretation



     Technical parameters

     Overall and installation dimensions

Water heater safe operation and installation rules

     Safety of children and people with physical disability

     General safety rules

     Installation/connection safety and precautions

     Operation/cleaning safety and precautions




     Water supply network connection

     Electrical mains connection


























Before installing and using the appliance, please very carefully read this instruction manual and manufacturer’s warranty liabilities. Keep the instruction manual for future reference. If you hand over the appliance to another user, please hand over the instruction manual as well.

For more details or resolution of any occurred problems, please visit Hyundai website at You can also contact the nearest regional service center of the manu-facturer. If there are no service centers of the manufacturer in your region, please contact the regional dealer of Hyundai.

The content of this instruction manual has been checked and approved. The manufacturer is not responsible for any spelling mistakes in the text and incorrect interpretation of the instruction manual content. 



Electrical instant water heaters are recommended for continuous supply of hot water in cottages and country houses, stand-alone cafeterias and restaurants, and office rooms, as well as they can be used as standby equipment in apartments for the preventive maintenance period of the hot water supply network.

The main advantage of instant water heaters is their capability to supply unlimited quantity of hot water, when you just open the tap. Water is heated immediately, when it flows through the heating element with high heat output. Electrical energy is only consumed upon hot water use, which excludes loss of electrical energy related to heat accumulation. In addition, there is no need for regular service care of instant water heaters.

Rainforest electrical instant water heaters by Hyundai are free-flow and designed for heating of tap water in household use, for operation in an open water supply circuit only, and for a single consumption point. Water is heated, when it flows through a heat-resistant plastic heating flask with a copper heating element. The dry run protection is provided by a diaphragm-type pressure sensor, which energizes the heating element upon water feed. When water flowing through the heating flask is overheated, a temperature limiter de-energizes the heating element with the restart capability.

HYUNDAI H-IWR1-3P-UI058/CS инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Electrical instant water heater


* For connection to the electrical mains, this series of water heaters is complete with a power cord and a male plug. The power cord has length of 1.5 m and copper conductor section of 3x1.5 mm2.

Never use an electrical male plug and socket for connection of the water heater to the electrical mains, except for H-IWR1-3P series. The water heater shall be connected to the 220 VAC power supply source permanently with obligatory connection to the electrical grounding loop. Make sure that resistance of the grounding loop is < 4 Ω. The electrical cable is led into the water heater through its rear wall and connected to the terminal block according to marks on the rear panel, where        - ground conductor, L - phase conductor, N - neutral conductor. To lead in and connect the electrical cable, remove the appliance front panel. For that, unscrew the securing screw in its upper part. After connection of the electrical cable to the terminal block, make sure that all clamping screws of the terminal block are secured. Secure the cable inside the heater using a clamping plate, place back the front panel, and turn in the securing screw in the upper part of the appliance.


* The service life of the power indicator is 3000 hours continuously. Therefore, disconnect the appliance from the electrical mains after use to extend the power indicator life.










Appliance series

Power, W




min, mm


Circuit breaker, 

min, A












Refer to «Water heater safe operation and installation rules».

HYUNDAI H-IWR1-3P-UI058/CS инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Electrical instant water heater


Incoming water is heated inside the heating flask, when it flows through the heating element. Water temperature in the water supply network may fluctuate throughout the year from +3°C to +20°C. Therefore, water flow in winter shall be made lower than in summer to obtain the optimum water temperature. Water flow is controlled by the valve at the water inlet of the water heater. Never install an isolation valve or shut off water flow at the water heater outlet. After activation of heating, wait for 10-20 sec until temperature of heated water is stabilized.

For adjustment of hot water temperature, use the valve at the inlet connection (cold water inlet). When you decrease inlet flow rate of water, you increase outlet temperature of water and vice versa. For water heaters of H-IWR1-5P and H-IWR1-6P series, you can also place the On/Off/power control knob to the low power position (      ) or to the medium power position (      ) in or-der to adjust water temperature. To switch off the water heater, place the On/Off/power control knob to the OFF position (      ), close the cold water feed valve at the inlet, and de-energize the water heater.


Operation of the water heater may result in scaling of the shower/tap nozzle openings. This reduces efficiency of heating, deteriorates water spraying, and increases water pressure in the heating flask.

For prevention of such phenomena, periodically clean the nozzle using household chemical agents and soft brushes. Do not use abrasive cleaning substances and inappropriate chemical agents.

Prior to cleaning the outer surfaces, disconnect the water heater from the electrical mains and allow it to fully cool down. Clean the outer surface of the appliance housing with a slightly moist-ened soft cloth and then wipe it dry. Do not use abrasive cleansers for cleaning.

If water flow rate from the water heater decreases, clean the coarse filter (rubber gasket and strainer) installed at the cold water inlet of the water heater. For that, disconnect the appliance from the electrical mains and allow it to fully cool down. Then, shut off cold water feeding, unscrew the cold water supply pipe from the water heater, remove the rubber gasket with the strainer, and flush it under a jet of flowing water. Restore the inlet connection in the reverse sequence.

1 - Off position2 - On/Off and power control knob3 - Low power position4 - Medium power position5 - Full power position

Before first start or after a long idle period of the water heater, fill it with water opening the cold water feed isolation valve and make sure that cold water steadily flows from the water outlet at the consumption point. After that, switch on the appliance and make sure that the power indica-tor on the front panel lights up*.

To switch on heating, place the control knob to the ON position (      ). If sufficient water flow and pressure at least 0.08 MPa are available, the water heater will start heating water.

HYUNDAI H-IWR1-3P-UI058/CS инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Electrical instant water heater



Upon expiration of service life, the water heater shall be disposed. For more details regarding disposal of the water heater, please contact a representative of the local authorities.

Service life is around 10 years. The notion of the service life of the device is not equal to the warranty period.



                                           Refer to «Water heater safe operation and installation rules».

During installation of the water heater, rigorously observe the laws, regulations, directives, and standards (safety requirements, disposal rules/procedure, electrical safety rules, etc.) effective in your country, as well as directives of local electrical energy/water suppliers.


During selection of a location for the water heater, it is necessary to ensure free access to it on the basis of not less than 0.3 m from above, from below, and sideways. This will ensure the maximum comfort for maintenance and adjustment of the water heater, when necessary. After you have selected the place for installation of the water heater, mark points for mounting screw holes. Drill two holes to appropriate depth in the wall using a drill with suitable size for the dowel pins and screws provided in the water heater package. Insert the dowel pins into the wall holes and turn in the mounting screws. Do not turn in the screws fully. There shall be a gap between the screw heads and wall necessary to hang up and secure the water heater. Hang up the water heater onto the screws and check security of mounting. The appliance shall be installed on the wall strictly horizontally with its connections downward. For more secure mounting, you can use the through hole in the lower part of the rear panel (refer to “Overall and installation dimen-sions”) to turn in an additional screw through it to the wall.

Water supply network connection

The water heater is directly connected to the cold water supply network with operating pressure from 0.07 MPa to 0.6 MPa. If water pressure in the water supply network exceeds 0.6 MPa, install a reduction valve (pressure reducer) in the feed system so that operating pressure does not exceed 0.6 MPa. Prior to connecting the water heater, flush the cold water supply pipe with flowing water.

If water hardness in the water supply main exceeds 450 mg/l (CaCO3), we recommend you to use a separate water filter upstream of the water heater inlet to extend service life of the heating element.

Connect the cold water supply pipe to the cold water inlet marked with blue color. Install the rubber gasket and strainer provided in the package between the pipe and connection. The con

HYUNDAI H-IWR1-3P-UI058/CS инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Electrical instant water heater


Upon energization, the power indicator does not light up.

The power indicator lights up, but water is not heated.

Water does not flow from the hot water outlet.

Water leakage.

Water at the outlet from the water heater is sometimes hot, sometimes cold.

There is no power supply.

1. Water flow rate is less than necessary.

2. The power mode switch is off.

3. The temperature limiter set at 85°C is tripped due to overheating.

4. Too low water pressure in the water supply network.

5. Low voltage of electrical network.

1. Water feeding is shut off.

2. The cold water inlet valve is not opened.

Problem with tightness of connections.

1. Unstable water pressure.

2. Water temperature at the outlet from the water heater is too high causing repeated tripping of the overheating protection device.

Make sure that power supply is switched on.

1. Increase water flow rate.

2. Place the On/Off/power control knob to the ON position (      ).

3. Wait until the temperature limiter set at 85°C cools down and reactivates.

4. Wait until normal water pres-sure is restored in the network.

5. You need to wait until the voltage will be stable.

1. Wait until water feeding is restored in the water supply network.

2. Open the cold water inlet valve.

Restore tightness of connec-tions.

1. Use the water heater only after stabilization of water pressure.

2. Decrease heating power, increase water flow rate.


Possible causes



HYUNDAI H-IWR1-3P-UI058/CS инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Electrical instant water heater


• Cross section of the electrical cable shall be increased, if the cable and water heater are 

located on a thermally insulated or heating wall.

• Wires of the electrical cable in the terminal block of the water heater and power switchboard 

shall be secured, since a loose connection may result in wire heating, which is very fire hazardous.

• Make sure that the electrical cable does not cross sharp edges or contact with hot surfaces.• Do not connect the grounding loop of the water heater to water/gas supply lines, etc.• Make sure that electrical wiring is properly connected (including connection to the grounding 


• Thoroughly follow the connection procedure of the water heater, since improper connection 

will result in its failure and may inflict harm to the user.

• To avoid air pockets and breakdown of the appliance, the water heater shall be installed on a 

wall strictly in horizontal position with its connections downward.

• Do not swap locations of the water inlet and outlet positions, since this will result in break-

down of the water heater or a personal injury (see color marks - blue for water inlet and red for water outlet).

• Never install an isolation valve at the water outlet or shut off the water outflow including that 

via bending of the shower hose.

• If the water heater will be used in a bathroom, it is recommended to install it above body 

height so that water splashes do not get onto its housing.

• The water heater shall only be installed and operated with the original accessories provided 

in the package.


Operation/cleaning safety and precautions


                                    Do not switch on the water heater, if water may freeze in it. 

• The water heater is designed only for household use indoors in closed warm spaces. The 

water heater is not designed for industrial use.

• The water heater is designed only for heating of water. Do not use the appliance for heating of 

other liquids. This may inflict a severe damage to the water heater, other property, or result in a personal injury.

• Water temperature at the water heater inlet shall not exceed +35°C.• Do not remove the front panel of the water heater during its operation or before de-energi-


• Immediately disconnect the water heater from the electrical mains in case of strange sounds, 

odor, or smoke from it.

• Do not use the water heater with the damaged electrical cable or other damages.• For troubleshooting and repairs, please contact the nearest authorized service center of the 

manufacturer in your region.

• Exclude clogging of the shower head nozzle and tap nozzle.• Before cleaning or maintenance of the water heater, always disconnect it from the electrical 

mains. Perform cleaning or maintenance in accordance with the guidelines of this instruction manual.

• Do not use hazardous chemicals for cleaning of the water heater and exclude their contact 

with it.

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