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Electrical storage water heater




Always observe the safety rules, when using the water heater. Improper operation due to igno-rance of these rules may result in personal injury to the user or other people, as well as damage to their property. The manufacturer is not responsible for inflicted personal injuries and property damages as a result of improper installation and operation of the appliance.

Safety of children and people with physical disability

• The water heater is not designed for use by people (including children) with physical, sensory, 

or mental disability having insufficient experience and knowledge, if they are not supervised or instructed on use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

• Any electrical appliance shall be supervised during its operation, especially if there are chil-

dren close by.

• Carefully watch that children do not touch the appliance or use it as a game element.• Do not allow children to use the water heater without supervision by adults.

General safety rules

• Never change the design of the water heater or modify it.• Never use the water heater, if it is faulty.• Do not use the water heater in explosive or corrosive environment. Do not store gasoline and 

other volatile highly inflammable liquids near the appliance.

• Do not use the water heater for purposes not specified in this instruction manual.• Never splash water onto the heater or irrigate it.• Any service operations shall be performed by a specialized organization, by qualified                  


  Installation/connection safety and precautions

• Installation of the water heater in the operation place and arrangement of a power supply line 

shall be performed by a specialized organization, representatives of the manufacturer’s service department, or specialists having permits for installation of electrical equipment with observa-tion of the safety requirements.

• If the water heater installation/operation instructions are violated, the appliance is not subject 

to warranty service and the manufacturer does not bear the responsibility.

• Never install the water heater outdoors.• Before installation and connection of the water heater to the electrical mains, check and make 

sure that the mains socket for the water heater has a grounding contact and it is properly grounded. If there is no grounding loop in your electrical mains, operation of the water heater is hazardous for life.

• Connect the water heater to 220 VAC / 50 Hz mains only. If necessary, clarify specifications of 

your electrical mains from the electrical energy suppliers.

• To avoid overheating and risk of fire / damage of the internal electrical circuit, do not change 

length of the power cord and do not connect the water heater via electrical extension cables.

• Make sure that the electrical cable does not cross sharp edges or contact with hot surfaces.• To avoid air pockets and breakdown of the appliance, the water heater shall be installed strictly 

in vertical position with its connections downward.

• Do not swap locations of the water inlet and outlet positions, since this will result in breakdown 

of the water heater and may inflict harm to the user (see color marks - blue for water inlet and red for water outlet).

HYUNDAI H-SWS1-30 V-UI 069 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Electrical storage water heater


The electrical water heater shall be installed on a firm wall.The wall planned for installation of the electrical water heater shall be capable to bear at least double weight of the water heater fully filled with water. The wall shall be free of cracks and other damages. Otherwise, take measures to reinforce the mount or install the water heater on a special support.If the bathroom is too small, the water heater can be installed in another place not exposed to direct sunlight and inaccessible for moisture ingress. However for reduction of heat loss in pipes, the installation place of the water heater shall be located as close as possible to the hot water consumption point.When selecting a location for the water heater, ensure free access to it as follows: at least 60 cm between the bottom part of the water heater and floor; at least 10 cm between the top part and ceiling. This will ensure the maximum comfort for maintenance and adjustment of the water heater, when necessary.After you have selected the proper place for installation of the water heater, mark points to make holes for the anchor bolts with hooks. Drill two holes of appropriate depth in the wall using a drill with suitable size for the anchor bolts provided in the water heater package.After that, insert the bolts to the drilled holes and rotate the hooks of the bolts clockwise to securely tighten the nuts of the bolts. Then, hang the water heater onto the hooks of the anchor bolts and check security of mounting.


Water supply network connection

The water heater is connected to the cold water supply network with operating pressure from 0.1 MPa to 0.7 MPa. If water pressure in the water supply network exceeds 0.75 MPa, install a reduction valve (pressure reducer) in the feed system so that operating pressure does not exceed 0.75 MPa.If water hardness in the water supply main exceeds 450 mg/l (CaCO3), we recommend you to use a separate water filter upstream of the water heater inlet to extend service life of the heating element.For connection to the water supply network, the water heater has inlet and outlet connectors, which are marked with indication labels and provided with male thread 12 mm in diameter (G1/2”).Install the combined check valve / pressure safety valve provided in the package onto the cold water inlet connection marked with blue color. Connect a drain tube to the pressure relief port of the pressure safety valve for water drainage to the sewers (possible upon heating).


Never operate the water heater without the installed check  valve / pressure safety valve.

To facilitate maintenance of the water heater, we recommend you to install a drain valve and a tee between the cold water inlet connection and pressure safety valve. This tee will help you to faster drain water from the water heater. For your convenience, we recommend you to connect a water drain hose to the shutoff valve of the tee. This hose will allow you to route water drained from the water heater to the sewers or another selected destination. Connect the desired quantity of consumption points to the hot water outlet connection marked with red color. Open

HYUNDAI H-SWS1-30 V-UI 069 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Electrical storage water heater










Proper grounding is important for minimization of electrical shockand fire hazards.

1 - Inlet connection2 - Outlet connection3 - Tee*4 - Shutoff valve*5 - Pressure safety valve6 - Drain tube*7 - Cold water inlet shutoff valve*8 - Drain hose*

* not included to the package.

the cold water feed valve and one of the demountable valves in order to pass water flow through the water heater and make sure that it is operable. After the tank has been filled as indicated by water flowing from the demountable valve, close it, check tightness of all connections, and retighten them as necessary.

Electrical mains connection

The power cord of the water heater has a plug with a grounding contact. The water heater shall be used with the properly grounded mains socket. If the socket planned for use is not properly grounded or protected with a time-delay fuse / circuit breaker, please contact a qualified electri-cian for replacement of the socket.

The water heater is designed for connection to the electrical mains with single-phase voltage of 220V. Before connection, make sure that parameters of the electrical mains at the connection point meet the parameters indicated on the name plate with specifications of the appliance. During installation of the water heater, observe the effective electrical safety rules. The electrical socket shall be designed for rated current not less than 10A. The electrical cable shall have conductor area not less than 3x1.5 mm2 (for copper).



Refer to «Water heater safe operation and installation rules»

HYUNDAI H-SWS1-30 V-UI 069 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Electrical storage water heater



Before installing and using the appliance, please very carefully read this instruction manual and manufacturer’s warranty liabilities. Keep the instruction manual for future reference. If you hand over the appliance to another user, please hand over the instruction manual as well.

For more details or resolution of any occurred problems, please visit Hyundai website at You can also contact the nearest regional service center of the manufacturer. If there are no service centers of the manufacturer in your region, please contact the regional dealer of Hyundai.

The content of this instruction manual has been checked and approved. The manufacturer is not responsible for any spelling mistakes in the text and incorrect interpretation of the instruction manual content.

The appearance, specifications, and package contents of the appliance can be modified by the manufacturer without preliminary notification.



Electrical tank water heaters are used for supply of hot water in country houses, cottages, baths, and other utility spaces, which are not connected to the central hot water supply network. Such heaters can also be used as standby equipment in apartments for the preventive maintenance period of the hot water supply network.

The operation principle of the water heater assumes that water pressure in the water heater meets water pressure in the water main. As water is consumed, the water heater tank is continu-ously refilled with cold water.

The electrical tank water heater of Niagara series is designed for heating of tap water in house-hold use. It is capable to prepare a lot of hot water and maintain the set temperature auto-matically. The water heater has a steel outer casing. Water is heated in a steel enameled tank using a copper heating element. Heat insulation made of an environmentally friendly material is provided between the outer casing and steel tank. The dense insulation layer ensures reduction of heat loss and significant saving of electrical energy.

For mitigation of corrosion effect and provision of consumers with water free from contamina-tion, the water heater is equipped with a magnesium anode of extended length. The water heater has a water heating indicator and a water temperature control knob located on the bottom cover. The knob controls an integrated thermostat allowing the user to set various water heating temperatures in the range from +35°C to +75°C. A temperature limiter installed in the appliance excludes overheating of water above 88°C, while a combined check valve / pressure safety valve ensures safe operation of the water heater. If pressure inside the tank exceeds 0.75 MPa, the pressure safety valve will automatically open and exclude rupture of the casing.

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Electrical storage water heater




Refer to «Water heater safe operation and installation rules»

Check the electrical plug and socket as often as possible. Secure electrical contact and proper grounding shall be assured. The plug and socket shall not heat up abnormally.If the water heater is not used for a long period, especially in regions with low ambient tempera-tures (below 0°C), water shall be drained from the water heater in order to prevent its damage (due to water freezing in the internal tank).To ensure reliable operation of the water heater for a long time, periodically clean the internal tank and remove deposits from the electrical heating elements of the water heater. In addition, periodically check condition of the magnesium anode (whether it is fully dissolved or not) for its timely replacement with a new one in case of full dissolution. The tank cleaning frequency depends on local water hardness.


The manufacturer provides an extended warranty, when preventive main-tenance operations are carried out (refer to the warranty card).

Cleaning shall be carried out by specialized service departments. The address of the nearest service center can be obtained from the vendor or at Preventive mainte-nance operations shall be carried out with strict observation of the instruction manual and safety rules.The water heater is equipped with a thermal switch, which will cut off supply of electrical energy to the electrical heating element in the event of water overheating/absence in the water heater. If the water heater is switched on, but water is not heated, this means tripping or need for reset of the thermal switch. To return the water heater to the operational condition, proceed as follows:- disconnect the water heater from power supply and remove the molding of the bottom cover;- press the button at the center of the thermal switch until the button clicks;- if the button is not pressed and there is no click, wait until the thermal switch cools down to the initial temperature.

HYUNDAI H-SWS1-30 V-UI 069 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Electrical storage water heater


• The water heater is designed only for household use indoors in closed spaces. The water heater 

is not designed for industrial use.

• The water heater is designed only for heating of water. Do not use the appliance for heating of 

other liquids. This may inflict a severe damage to the water heater, other property, or result in a personal injury.

• Never switch on the water heater, if it is not filled with water or water cannot flow through the 

pressure safely valve.

• Water temperature in the water heater may reach 75°C. Therefore, do not place body parts un-

der hot water upon first switching of the water heater. For prevention of burns, properly adjust outlet temperature of water.

• Do not remove the protection covers of the water heater during its operation or before de-en-


• Immediately disconnect the water heater from the electrical mains in case of strange sounds, 

odor, or smoke from it.

• Do not use the water heater with the damaged electrical cable or other damages.• For troubleshooting and repairs, please contact the nearest authorized service center of the 

manufacturer in your region.

• Before cleaning or maintenance of the water heater, always disconnect it from the electrical 

mains. Perform cleaning or maintenance in accordance with the guidelines of this instruction manual.

• Do not use hazardous chemicals for cleaning of the water heater and exclude their contact with 


Operation/cleaning safety and precautions


Do not switch on the water heater, if water may freeze in it.


Upon expiration of service life, the water heater shall be disposed. For more details regarding disposal of the water heater, please contact a representative of the local authorities.Service life is about 10 years. Service life of the appliance is not equal to the warranty period.



Refer to «Water heater safe operation and installation rules»

During installation of the water heater, rigorously observe the laws, regulations, directives, and standards (safety requirements, disposal rules/procedure, electrical safety rules, etc.) effective in your country, as well as directives of local electrical energy/water suppliers.

HYUNDAI H-SWS1-30 V-UI 069 инструкция онлайн просмотр

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Electrical storage water heater


Water is not heated

Water does not flow from the hot water outlet valve

Water temperature is too high

Water leakage

Water flows out from the appliance casing

1. The temperature control-ler is damaged.

2. The temperature limiter is tripped or not activated.

3. The temperature limiter is damaged.

4. Insufficient time for heating.

5. The heating element is damaged.

1. Water feeding is shut off.

2. Water pressure is too low.

3. The cold water feed valve is closed.

The water temperature con-trol system is damaged.

The seal at the connec-tion point of the pipes is disturbed.

1. The internal tank is corroded

2. The seal at the connection point of the heating element is disturbed.

1. Contact a repair specialist in the Hyundai service center.

2. Activate the thermal switch observing relevant guidelines.

3. Contact a repair specialist in the Hyundai service center.

4. Wait until water is heated.

5. Contact a repair specialist in the Hyundai service center.

1. Wait until water feeding is restored.2. Switch on the water heater again, when normal water pres-sure is restored.3. Open the cold water feed valve.

Contact a repair specialist in the Hyundai service center.

Replace the connection seal.

1. Contact a repair specialist in the Hyundai service center.

2. Contact a repair specialist in the Hyundai service center.


Possible causes



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